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Why Veta

  • We understand ELT (English Language Training) as nobody else does.
  • Three decades of experience.
  • A comprehensive and proprietary curriculum.
  • A methodology that delivers.
  • Bilingual approach to training helps seamless transition to thinking in English.
  • Trained people across all verticals-from Education industry to Service sector and manufacturing establishments.
  • Over 120 Corporate Clients.
  • Pre-training and post-training assessments.
  • Content customization.
  • Meticulous recruitment and regular training of delivery personnel.

The best coaching centre for spoken English in Bangalore, Karnataka, Chennai, Delhi Bhopal, Kolkata is Veta. Fluent English classes have been conducted by Veta over the last 38 years. Veta also provides add-ons in Personality Development, Career and Interview skills, ways to improve your IELTS bank scores. Veta conducts regular workshops in corporates in soft skills and communication.

If you are looking for the best spoken English institute in India, then Veta should be your choice. Veta gives you an international platform to develop your speaking skill. Learn English fluency at Veta’s centres and improve your English. Whether it be English tutorial, communication workshop or any other type of English course. Call Veta

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