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Fluent English

First Step
To make the learner understand the mistakes he or she makes while speaking, and to
master functional grammar that would empower him or her to speak English effortlessly.
Course Contents
  1. Words as names
  2. A, an, the
  3. Describing words and location words
  4. There is…/ It is…
  5. Be: now, then, later
  6. Questions and negative sentences
  7. Action words, giving instructions
  8. Everyday activities
  9. Has/have
  10. Action (Past)
  11. Yes/no and wh-questions
  12. Simple future
  1. The ‘Be’ plus-ing
  2. Will be + -ing and going to
  3. A present with a past
  4. Has / have + -ed /en words
  5. Had + -ed/en
  6. Has been/ have been + -ing
  7. Attitude words, connecting words, infinitives and gerunds
  8. Reporting
  9. Passive voice
40 hours.
Course ware
  1. One classroom material
  2. One reference book
Training inputs
  1. Bilingual teaching
  2. Trained faculty
  3. Speech Generating Drill
  4. Saturday Doubt Clearing Class
  5. Additional vocabulary and usage point discussion
  6. Mid and post training assessment
After the training you will have a good knowledge of sentence formation, will gain confidence to speak English.
Second Step
To train learners in everyday English, and give them the experience of speaking real English.
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Course Contents
  1. Greeting and introducing
  2. Personal information
  3. Visiting places
  4. Everyday activities
  5. Fluency drill
  6. Job interview
  7. Asking for and giving advice
  8. Hobbies and interests
  9. Directions and instructions
  10. Thanking people and responding to thanks
  11. Apologizing and responding to ‘sorry’
  12. Talking about the present
  13. Work and business
  14. Enquiring
  15. Health and fitness
  1. Narrating
  2. News and views
  3. Plans and programmes
  4. Reporting statements, instructions, and questions
  5. Requesting and offering to help
  6. Permission to do something
  7. Emphasizing and short responses
  8. A matter of time
  9. What’s the weather like
  10. With the doctor
  11. Listening modules
  12. Connecting ideas, asking for and giving opinion
  13. Agreeing and disagreeing
  14. Farewell and short speeches
For Whom
People who are able to understand English but are not able to speak.
People who have knowledge of grammar, but who lack practice in speaking English.
People who have passed the Veta’s First Step of Fluent English.
People who are able to speak English but are shy and hesitant.
40 hours
Course ware Training Inputs
  1. One classroom material
  2. One Reference Book
  3. One Audio CD
  1. Veta trained faculty
  2. Audio-video components
  3. Group and pair activity
  4. Mid and post training assessment
  5. Participation certificate
You will be able to ask questions, reply to questions, ask for and give instructions, give news, and tell what happened, thank people, say sorry, respond to thanks and sorry, connect ideas and report what someone said, asked or instructed someone to do-all in good English!
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