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Accent from Veta
To train the learners in acquiring American or British accent.
This special programme on American / British English called Accent focuses on the differences between Indian and American / British English especially in areas such as pronunciation, stress, word order and intonation. The training incorporates special drills and exercises for accent neutralization, effective telephonic conversation and professional business communication.
Accent American and Accent British
Training Modules
Accent from veta imparts training in American and British varieties of English. Either or both can be opted for.
Accent American
This training program is divided into two modules.
1. American Culture
2. American English
American culture gives a quick overview of American history and lifestyle that is essential to understand the way American English has evolved. It deals with landmarks in American history, the story of immigration and diversity; geography, regional characteristics, a demographic profile, American government and law enforcement systems; the American generations, their customs, education, entertainment and family lives.

American English deals with the peculiarities of pronunciation, accent, stress on syllables and intonation of English as spoken in America. It introduces essentials of phonetics and drills, necessary for accent neutralization. It also familiarizes the trainees with common American names and names of important places and things.
Accent British
This training programme is also divided into two modules.
1. British Culture
2. British English

British Culture deals with milestones in British history and the geography and climatic conditions of the United Kingdom. It also gives an overview of the British society, culture, customs and the British government system. British postal system, the British family, education in Britain and other general information are also dealt with.

British English deals with the way English is spoken by educated people in Britain. Received pronunciation, that which is heard on BBC forms the heart of the technical part of this module. Speech production, pronunciation with proper stress on syllables and intonation and rules regarding these are dealt with comprehensively. Special exercises and drills help learners acquire the British Accent.

Two modules, one on essentials of English grammar and structures, and the other on the basics of customer service are common to both the training modules.

Essentials of English grammar and structures help the trainees with problem areas in the English language. They serve as a remedial measure for overcoming real or imagined reservations in handling English.

Customer Service module covers important aspects of caring for and handling customers, especially in the telemarketing segment. It also has chapters that deal with customer psychology, handling stressful situations and servicing difficult or demanding customers. The entire thrust of this module is towards providing best customer service.
For Whom
  1. People who look for call centre jobs
  2. People who want to understand overseas clients as part of their job routine
  3. People who want to go abroad to work, to study or to visit
  4. People who can speak English well, but would like to work on their pronunciation
30 hours


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